Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D.
Sex, Marriage, Intimacy and Relationship Consultant

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   The very wise and learned Doctor Nick Shoveen, Ph.D. has been offering unsolicited relationship advice to men for many years. Although it has been difficult to verify his entire background, his publisher (Magic Lamp Press) does know that he claims to have received his Ph.D. from renowned California PacoimaUniversity.com, allegedly the San Fernando Valley’s second foremost online school.
   The good doctor currently resides in room 37-c at Thailand’s economical Old Bangkok General Medicine House, where he quite often recuperates from serious wounds received in violent feminist attacks during his public appearances.
   After recovery this time, the doctor will continue with his speaking engagements, frequently sponsored by many of the various Gentlemen’s Clubs of America, and a hoped-for appearance on the basic cable Man’s Show.
   Watch for him in your town, unless you reside in one of the municipalities that have requested the doctor to never return. His latest three books are now available:

How Not to Get Married: An absolute must-read for people of any age who are considering getting married for their first time. Included is an honest discussion of marital problems caused by differences in religion, lack of communication about sex, monetary problems,and many more areas that can stress a marriage, plus how to avoid these problems by advance planning - and the importance of a pre-nuptial agreement.
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AudioBook JQ42C

Phone Sex Manual: This popular book shows how with a minimum investment, you can make more than $200/hour working from the privacy of your own home, with no boss and no overhead. Covers everything you need from incoming phone lines, hiring 'actresses,' and much more.
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AudioBook MQ34J

What Women Really Mean: This Female-to-English dictionary is a guide to interpreting & manipulating the female thought process and gives any male an even chance in dealing with a female.
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AudioBook XU29H

Meeting Women: A comprehensive system for making the acquaintance of new females in any situation, from a funeral, to a wedding, in a bookstore, a market, a singles bar, etc.
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AudioBook DR49U

How to be a Porno Producer: This title covers everything from casting, location finding and legal matters, to show how to produce your own low-budget porno movie.
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AudioBook ED84S

Sex & Relationship Advice
for the Compete Idiot:
After reading the first few paragraphs of this book, you will either want to obtain the rest of it for your reading pleasure, or join Gloria Allred as she leads a female, torch-bearing lynch mob up the mountain to the authorís castle, ignoring the chortling delight of Rush Limbaugh.
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  Only $2.99

         The opinions expressed by Dr. Shoveen in his books do not reflect the opinions or policies of the publishing company that releases his books - Magic Lamp Press.
         Readers of these books are hereby forewarned that Doctor Shoveen may have a tendency to exhibit unorthodox opinions and policies as to the place of females in our great society.

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